All the research in the world can’t replace the value of expertise and time. You won’t really understand what sort of gear works best for you personally until you’ve gone out on a biking trip or kayaking trip. Purchasing used equipment, especially if you’re new to the outdoors, relieves your expectation and the pressure to generate the purchase each moment. Don’t get us wrong, we think you’ll get pretty darn close and even nail it using the gear information we share here at Bearfoot Theory, however buying used outdoor gear makes the process of trying out new goods somewhat easier and less of a danger.

From air and atmosphere emissions to more and factory operations to overproduction of fabrics, new gear’s production leaves a carbon footprint not or if we like it. Though outdoor gear companies, such as REI, have begun to implement changes such as reducing waste, harnessing solar, using recycled and organic materials, and lowering water consumption, creating new equipment still creates a large impact. So instead of going for that new pack right away, check out what may already be at REI’s used equipment store just waiting to be discovered. This can allow you to get exactly what you want and minimize impact at precisely exactly the identical moment.

Buying used outdoor equipment is a wonderful means to be a eco-conscious exterior individual so you’re able to budget more for your true trip, and also to save money. As devoted REI Members, we are stoked on all of the reasons why our beloved outdoor organization is making it easier for the Co-op community to get used variations of the very best equipment on the market.

The way the REI Employed Gear Program Works