We have had great experiences with their customer service through the last few years and they appear to stand by their products.
Front Pockets – Most coats within this weight class cut pockets out to save every oz. But front pockets are extremely useful on the trail, and we prefer jacket that include themso this can be a huge plus in our books.

  • If you’re on the market for a packable shell made out of also a comfortable fit and top-of-the-line materials, the Arc’teryx Zeta FL may be the coat for you.
    Design & Blend – The trim cut of this Zeta FL is very comfortable without being spanked. It has a thoughtfully minimalist layout, going ahead on the trail and including the features you need to keep you dry.
    In time for its 2019 trekking period, Arc’teryx has introduced their already strong line of rain gear and two ultralight shells that were new. For those needing a lightweight and packable jacket that will keep you dry and moving through horrible circumstances, the new Zeta FL (accessible both guys’s & girls’s ) is a wonderful selection and creates our list of this Greatest Hostels Rain Jackets.
  • Cost – a few hikers will get that the $325 MSRP with this coat too high for their budget. For people looking for an top-of-the-line shell with feel and a superb fit, the Zeta FL may be an superb option.

    The 2-layer Zeta FL is produced with Gore-Tex’s fresh Paclite-Plus watertight membrane, adhered to some super thin and lightweight 20 denier nylon face fabric. Though sacrificing thicker, more durable materials and also a lining coating to shave every possible ounce, this jacket feels great against skin, like a waterproof windbreaker. The FL compresses into a size that is remarkably modest, As it’s quite minimal.
    Like all rain shells, the Zeta’s breathability will decrease with use and time. Moreover, the absence of a liner layer separating skin out of watertight membrane will need more regular washings using Tech-Wash to flush oil and sweat out of the Gore-Tex. That said, washing rain gear is much simpler than many think. Here is our fast guide on the best way to wash your rain gear.

  • That which we do not enjoy

    • Material:  2-layer N20r Gore-Tex Paclite Plus
    • MSRP:  $325
      This Zeta FL’s U-shaped layout abandons conventions of forgoing hem alterations many rain shells and adjustable cuffs. Even more simple, this layout still works for most builds. The two front pockets are high enough to accommodate back stylish straps and climbing harnesses and have waterproof zippers.
    • Weight:  7.2 oz (Men’s) / / 6.2 oz (Women’s)

      Breathability – To us, the term”breathable” tends to be very misleading when it comes to rain cubes. That said, hikers will still need to monitor their activity level and keep perspiration to a minimum while wearing the FL (along with any other rain shell). The FL will need washing a little more often.

    Bottom Line

    There’s always going to be a trade-off involving durability and weight using ultralight equipment, and this coat is no different in that regard. While Arc’teryx does possess one of the finest warranties in the company, it sadly doesn’t cover wear and tear, thus this coat probably is not for people who tend to be really tough on their equipment. Backpackers searching for much more of a balance between weight and durability might want to have a look at the Zeta SL (guys’s & girls’s ), the FL’s more durable cousin. But for uswe lean towards this FL’s burden savings and packability.

    What we enjoy

    • This helps us regulate airflow and reduce perspiration on the road.
    • Materials – Like Arc’teryx goods, this coat uses only top of the line materials and construction methods.
      Weight & Packability – this is actually the lightest, most packable jacket that Arc’teryx makes, and while there are slightly lighter rain shells out there (by a ounce or two), very few could compete with the high quality and comfort of the FL.
    • Durability – The 2-layer construction and thin outside nylon of this Zeta FL help it become durable compared to thicker mountaineering rain cubes. For us, we believe that this tradeoff is well worthwhile for your own packability, and we expect this jacket to pay tens of thousands and many years of road miles. But if you are tough on equipment or tremendously value durability in your rain cubes, have a look at the Zeta SL (guys’s & girls’s ), that will take more of a beating.

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    • Characteristics:  Sealed waterproof zippers, adjustable hood, non-adjustable elastic wrist and hem rings