For the climbing map, then the BLM worked in partnership with Accessibility Fund and to highlight a number of the maximum grade BLM managed climbing opportunities.

And for those serious climbers which are super secretive about some of their favorite destinations, don’t worry. Murdock assured everybody that lesser known areas will stay off the map. “We only highlighted climbing areas which are well known and well-travelled, simply to share more information and fight crowding and the consequences that are associated with considerable amounts of climbers seeing sites,” he explained.
Now you can discover the information required to plan your next climbing trip, such as best year for climbing, place features, climb problem levels, and access to parking, camping, water, and restrooms. Growing areas contain lesser known places like Arrow Canyon from Nevada and Ibex, Utah, in Addition to more popular areas like Red Rock Canyon along with Joe’s Valley.
“The BLM truly desired a one-stop store where you are able to see, examine the map, find out what climbing areas are available, as well as all the other considerations you will need to know about if you go climbing on BLM land,” said Erik Murdock, policy manager for the Accessibility Fund.