The pole adds compass sighting that helps me acquire my next navigation way stage and an additional amount of accuracy. It is so simple I wish I had thought of it!

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Following is a smart little Kickstarter endeavor known as the Compass Caddy. It let’s you take your compass right on your trekking pole as you’re hiking, it’s ready and readily accessible for navigation.

Fits all sizes

Getting your compass useful would be the benefit that this smart device provides. A sudden advantage for me was that the benefit in helping navigation, of my pole. Once I have a posture set on my compass I’d usually sight off a point in the space (snap a point ) and hike onto it. Doing so together with my compass attached to my hiking pole is like having a sniper range for navigation.
I wish Peter every success with his Kickstarter effort and expect that some of you allow him to fund his project. I’ve had discussions with Peter and exchanged suggestions and thoughts for future improvements. This is only phase one of those Compass Caddy and I am convinced that it will continue to improve with every iteration. There is a future with this little device and I think users will enjoy it after they make use of it.
Peter designed the Compass Caddy attaching to various diameter trekking poles in addition to to adapt unique models and makes of compasses which have changeable widths. This usually means that you can get the perfect fit for trekking pole combination and your specific compass. The picture above shows a compass used in the Compass Caddy my Silva Polaris matches into.
What are you thoughts on the Compass Caddy? What would you change or do differently?

Kickstarter effort

So I usually have a period of cord attached to it that it can’t be inadvertently lost by me, I believe my compass for an important part of equipment. I was concerned that I could lose my compass when the Compass Caddy was not a comfortable fit. I tend to be thick with my trekking poles and believed the impacts may dislodge my compass from the caddy – . As an additional precaution I utilized my lanyard to attach it to my pole.

Peter created a 3D printed version of the Compass Caddy to function together with my Gossamer Gear LT4 trekking sticks. Regardless of my Silva Polaris compass maybe perhaps not being the width for this model it retains securely in position along with also the attachment to my rod is solid without a movement.

The Compass Caddy in usage