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      Not ideal for all day lounging – Even though the Chair Zero is comfy for resting, then the chair’s smaller seat and height will be less comfortable for those lounging. Because of this we advocate a more standard camp seat, like the REI Camp Xtra Chair.

    Bottom Line

    If it comes to durability, seat weight, and packability, the Helinox Chair Zero can not be overcome. It is one of the costlier chairs available on the market, but we discover the tradeoff to be worth it. For those who want a lightweight , compactless bulky, and flexible chair that is mobile, we advocate the Chair Zero. While we generally wouldn’t bring it onto a backpacking trip that is rigorous, backpackers who do not mind sparing some weight and space will discover this luxury thing well worth packaging.

What We Like

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    The Helinox Chair Zero packs small and is produced from sturdy materials, offering specs unmatched by its own rivalry. Of sitting after some rigorous field testing, we found the functionality of the Chair Zero lived up to its reputation. While we would package a 1 pound chair for backpacking trips, this ultralight seat is our go-to to get a selection of casual trips. For people searching for an portable, and versatile seat, the Helinox Chair Zero is a great alternative.
    Lightweight and packable – Weight and packability are the important features we like most about Chair Zero. This seat weighs an impressive 1.1 pounds which makes it among the lightest seats on the marketplace. It’s also compact and mobile. These are all excellent characteristics for when packing space is limited or you do not want to haul around bulky equipment.
    Expensive – the largest drawback to the Chair Zero is the price. The $144 MSRP is really high for a person who simply wants a chair. If size, weight, and flexibility are a concern, you might need to contemplate this seat.
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    Quick Specs

    • MATERIAL – Proprietary anodized DAC aluminum poles and ripstop polyester seat
    • We hope this review is useful in determining whether the Helinox Chair Zero is the ideal match for you. For CleverHiker articles that is popular, check out these links:
      The shed weight, streamlined design, and superb comfort of the Helinox Chair Zero ensure it is a fantastic choice for short backpacking trips, car camping, beach or playground times, and much more.
      Smaller seat dimensions might not be acceptable for taller folks – Obese people may come across the shallow chair of Chair Zero to become uneasy and less supportive for their size. Smaller folks may find the seat to be the right fit and quite comfy.
      Versatile- Weight and packability create the Chair Zero suitable for shorter backpacking trips, car camping, beach days, park visits, events, and much more. We find it perfect for our casual excursions as it frees up space for additional gear and is not too bulky to bag around.
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    What We Don’t Like

    • Not perfect for hard biking excursions – We found the Chair Zero functions excellent for biking trips with briefer miles and also ample camp period. But if we’re going to be on a more intense trip hiking over 10-miles per day, we prefer to take something lighter such as a 2-ounce Therm-a-Rest Z-Seat.
      WEIGHT CAPACITY – 265 lbs.
      Easy Setup – Placing the Chair Zero is really a cinch. It entails a procedure of procuring the pole frame, then slipping on the chair. For people who want rapid access into the seat, clip the stash pocket carabiner in your daypack or backpack or stash the chair within your own water bottle pocket.
    • Durable – The strength-to-weight ratio of the Chair Zero is also unmatched. The sticks and hard ripstop polyester seat are designed to take a beating. This seat can hold as much as a sudden 265 pounds Though small in dimensions. It’s also worth mentioning the chair material provides flexibility without extending out with repeated usage.
    • Chair height may be an issue for a number of excursions – For many trips, we find that the 11-inch seat elevation of this Chair Zero isn’t an problem. However, when we are sitting around a campfire with a group of friends we favor a camp seat. The chair will sink into soft ground diminishing the seat height at places like the beach.
      WEIGHT – 1 pounds.