I took a packet of the Paleo Meals to Go Vegetables Savory Chicken & with me. Side note: they do not eat paleo despite my efforts to encourage them to achieve that. The Savory Chicken is categorized as a”lunch” meal and that’s exactly what we used it for.
One of the benefits of having any pasta or rice is the rehydration time is significantly quicker. The Savory Chicken requires 4-6 minutes to prepare yourself. Got to love that. As it turned out I must not have been very precise because I had rather a great deal of water left after time was up when I poured the boiling water. No problem, I simply closed the ziploc style top and employed it to empty out the liquid. My pet loved that!

Paleo Meals To Go

Despite the excess cost I’m excited to get a quality. I love creating my own, but these taste far superior to anything I’ve made and so are super convenient. See what they believe and I’m going to snap a lot of them for my Crossfit trekking buddies up. Is a paleo diet eaten by you plan or have you tried it?

I know that’s nothing new to many of you, to deal with the absence of eating options I have chosen to dehydrating all my ingredients and packaging my meals. The challenge was finding recipe thoughts that dehydrate well and invisibly at a sensible time and taste good. Shared meal fillers such as pasta and rice are not an alternative when you’re eating paleo. For the most part I have been pretty successful with poultry and vegetables, but I’ve resorted to a non-cook diet for many trips just so that I didn’t need to address this.
The issue to know here is that it is clean eating. Real food components , and as unprocessed as possible. It works for me and I’m content with it – YMMV as they say.

I’ve been ingesting a paleo diet (and performing Crossfit) for near 3 years now and it is good for me. If you don’t understand what the paleo diet plan is all about and the benefits it provides I’m not about to describe it . In a nutshell the paleo diet plan is”a diet plan based on the kinds of foods assumed to have been consumed by early humans, consisting mostly of meat, fish, vegetables, and fruit, and excluding dairy or grain products and processed foods.” Have a look at Robb Wolf’s website if you wish to read more regarding the paleo diet.
A company based out of Denver, Colorado called Paleo Foods to Go has launched a line of dried dinners, lunches, and breakfast choices which are paleo. Means of a Crossfit athlete who struggled with clean eating chose to make their own and when outside developed them. That is loved by gott.

Disclosure: The writer of Brian’s Backpacking Blog was supplied with free samples of this product with the aim of evaluation, testing, and feedback. He had been under no obligation. His ideas are their own.
At last, quality ingredients and freeze dried convenience combine to make meals. For quite some time now I’ve wondered how long it would be earlier the industry would be hit by diet consumption options. Well now they are here and thanks for Paleo Meals To Move I couldn’t be happier.

Eating Paleo for 3 years and counting

Eating clean (paleo diet) on the road has always been a bit of a struggle though. I wouldn’t consider packaged foods options dried to be sterile ingestion, at least not until very recently. Heck some of they have significant amounts of sodium or these list ingredients I can barely pronounce. Why put in my body if I would not eat that in the home, when I’m hiking? Oh and don’t tell me it’s okay since it is all about calories. I’m not eating handfuls of Fritos because they high for their own weight.

The taste evaluation

Paleo Meals To Go

You get what you pay for when it comes to food, although the prices might seem a little high to some of you , $13 a packet. Pay now as they say, or pay the physician. Or simply skip a Starbucks coffee one day a week.
It did not stop from tasting yummy. My children both tried some of Vegetables & those Savory Chicken and also gave this a thumbs up. That is pretty awesome for many reasons and I attribute it to this food’s smell and appearance.

Paleo on the trail

Developed with a Crossfit athlete

Once the components were rehydrated and prepared to consume I looked inside to see chunks of chicken and vegetables, all easily recognizable. The directions suggest that your stir thoroughly (again) and then eat, which I did. I noticed that the end result was than before I awakened it a little less presentable. A lot of the poultry had divided (think of fried lettuce ) and blended in the vegetables.
I fired up my Jetboil Sol Ti stove and attracted 2 cups of water to rolling boil. The packet needs 1 1/2 – 1 3/4 cups of water to become rehydrated, but I always make a bit extra just in case. Better to have any. I opened the packet, eliminated the oxygen absorber package and followed the directions.