I’m presuming that I’ll pair this with a people datasheet (i.e. spreadsheet) and make both available for public download. To begin, I think that it makes sense to concentrate on the PCT/JMT, but I ’ d like to enlarge it to no-routes and also to the paths also.
1. Now on my Exterior blog I just released a new article, “What Epic Snowpack Means to Summer 2019 from the West. ” It records that the snowpack, predicts conditions, and describes techniques and gear.

3. When his father along with Sam Chaneles thru-hiked that the John Muir Trail, the snowpack was at comparable levels in June 2017. I interviewed Sam later in a four-part series to record his expertise along with the conditions that they broke.

California, Oregon, Nevada, and the Four Corners states have been drenched that winter, using snowpacks about 150% of the normals. Here’s some reading for you When You Have scheduled August backpacking trips in southern Rockies or the High Sierra and also to a lesser degree:
Extensive snow coverage after a very rainy winter, appearing towards Palisade Lakes, across the north side of Mather Pass. Taken June 28, 2006.

2. After PCT and JMT hikers were losing their hit in spring 2017, when the snowpack was negligibly greater than it is this season, I posted a six-part tutorial on backpacking in early-season states . I ve read through it and it s just as relevant today as it was, although I haven’t upgraded it since.