I’ve read that in a species level, homo Sapiens are lousy at reacting to long term obstacles. Our wiring makes us equipped to fight sparks off than floods, though none of us do the former. If it comes right down to it, we survive as humans, if we survive. Of course in some ways that idea is attractive: We’re accountable, could self-determine, can overcome. And I think we could probably may, but not like that.
Well, that’s good. A fresh report dropped from the UN yesterday describing 1,000,000 species at direct risk of extinction, a lot of which could float out over the next few decades. The principal culprit: climate change.
I take the one that is cosmic, the large picture. I lean back on my elbows after darkness settles and gaze. And in that distance that is boundless, so much as all of theology and knowledge goes, our little speck of a planet is the only place that retains life. And we, in our abundance, lay it low. We are reapers, maybe not stewards. And we can’t be stopped and we are currently coming for it and we can’t stop ourselves.
I’m not likely to relitigate the hand supporting the planet’s warmth –pretty much everybody agrees along with that my liberal arts degree doesn’t actually qualify me to put that out. However, I’m a hiker, backpacker, wilderness lover. I lie awake listening to the frogs sing at summertime, marvel in the drunken corkscrews insects cut round my headlamp ray, gasp at any given square foot of woods. These are whimsy for me; they’re they cloth of existence. And fabric is fraying.

I’ve never thought of frog tune for a requiem. I’ve never thought of stars as a beacon. I’ve never thought as sadness of silence. But now I really do. I hope that this world can preserve its fate of life even as I am forced to accept that the imminent destruction of 1,000,000 species is most likely just a mile marker on the path to oblivion. We find an exit may.

Species will go into the engine of humanity? Everyone knows its more, although Nobody knows for certain. Can that suck the life from the swamps, forests, along with shorelines? Will the places we love would be the same next summer, the next decade?

A new report from a UN committee states that one million species worldwide are threatened with extinction from humans. What does that mean to your own wilderness experience?
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