• That I ’m not even a jerky eater.
    • I’d really rather not accept freebies from people seeking publicity for their stuff.
  • Finalists for Most Intense Biking Tale
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  • Extreme Hiking TaleWe Have a Winner
  • ’ t know exactly what to do with them, as, while I was thankful after they arrived I realized that I didn,
    To enter, simply leave a comment below. I’ll take entries for a couple weeks, then I’ll conduct the voting and choose the finalists. After that, we ll declare a winner.

    OK, start telling your own stories.


    UPDATE: This contest expired Nov. 9, 2011

  • I’m Pemmican’s Blogger of the Week
  • I’m not producing a whole lot of complex rules for this thing. Just keep it as brief as you can, make it and try to surprise us.

    • Wooden box
    • 5 bags of beef jerky
    • small water bottle
    • nylon swag bag

    Once all the entries have been in, I ll choose on my five favorites and allow y. The winner will get this box of Pemmican Beef Jerky because I did an email interview on their social websites group with someone sent to me personally.
    Be aware: I have picked the five finalists in this competition. Click the hyperlink to vote in your favorite (Nov. 8 is the last day you are able to vote).
    Exactly what the winner gets:
    C’mondish: you’ve seen some pretty extreme stuff in your hikes. I would like to hear about it here — anything that it is possible to put “-est” and the conclusion of.

So this way, I guess that the people at Pemmican can receive their free jerky in the hands of somebody who’ll actually benefit, I’ll be in a position to keep my ethical innocence, and we can share some great stories to tell around the globe.