Don’t miss the turn in the last fork before the beach, at which you’ll see a signal for both Private Real Estate and a trail markers. Hikers are allowed to wander up the road to get to the lookout where you’ll visit a vista point with stunning views of the forests and waterways. Hike back down the street, turn , and continue on the shore. Be sure you bring snacks, water, and sunscreen with this hike.

The Burnt Meadow Mountain Trail delivers with rock scrambles terrain, wildflowers, and panoramic views. Push for almost an hour to the New Hampshire border in Brownfield for a few of the best full-day hikes near Portland, Maine. Hike the Blue Route to get a glimpse of the White Mountain Range, and also perhaps a view of this snow-covered Mount Washington (the highest stage from the Northeast) and follow the Yellow Trail around and all of the way back down to much better views.

Portland, Maine isn’t a city with a lot of hustle and bustle. It’s got well-known areas to eat, plenty of outside activities to perform, and craft beers to enjoy within the city limits. However, there is a great deal more to the gorgeous state than Portland itself, and any outdoor enthusiast will enjoy getting out and researching a number of Maine’s greatest hikes that are only a short drive from town.

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The hike from Morse Mountain into Seawall Beach is a scenic and winding trail that leads out into a of Maine’s finest beaches. It is both a conservation area and private land, but is available to those that tread lightly and adhere to the rules. The pristine environment is what makes it among the greatest falls near Portland, Maine and you’ll love walking through pine woods, estuaries, and out to the craggy shore (just leave the shore umbrellas they aren’t permitted at Seawall Beach).
As it goes in all of the destinations we discuss, please investigate good track etiquette and recall to Leave No Trace. This implies packing out all of your crap, being respectful to other people on busy paths, and observing rules.
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A hike in Wolfe’s Neck Woods State Park provides you a great deal of scenery (wilderness, coastline, trails, and views) inside a short trail. Hike through a forest full of White Pines and Hemlock trees before skirting along with the Casco Bay. The road will fold you around to a gorgeous point on the coastline with different islands in complete view. It’s 30 minute drive from downtown Portland and just 10 minutes away from Freeport’s city centre. Get a head start on your hike so it is possible to visit the L.L. Bean flagship shop, grab a bite to eat, or even enjoy a beer in the Maine Beer Company.

A fast 30 minute drive north of Portland appropriate will take you outside to Bradbury Mountain State Park. Its accessibility and scenery full with campsites, picnic areas, and paths which are open to both hikers and mountain bikers, which makes it one the best collapses near Portland, Maine. This is a good solution for anybody who does not need to travel a lot for a nice day hike in a beautiful place with panoramic views. Hike the Tote Road Loop to get an easy approach to scope out the entire park and have a break in the summit.

Here’s the outdoor adventurer’s guide to the best climbs near Portland, Maine.

Burnt Meadow Mountain Trail, Burnt Meadow Mountain

  • Length: 3.6 miles
  • Issue: Moderate
  • Elevation Gain: 1,391 ft
  • Fee: None
  • Dog-Friendly: Yes

Considering moving to Portland, we’ve loved discovering how many amazing places are near enough to perform a full or half day hike. One of the greatest parts of being in Maine is being able to get to the hills, the woods, along with the waters all in one day — sometimes, you will even get it at exactly the same hike.

Southwest Ridge Trail, Pleasant Mountain

  • Length: 5.4 kilometers
  • Issue: Moderate
  • Elevation Gain: 1,984 ft
  • Fee: Not one
  • Dog-Friendly: Yes

The Southwest Ridge Route is a gorgeous hike near Portland which is well worth carrying an abysmal panoramic drive through Southwestern Maine. It has your wildest Northeast terrain: rugged, bouldery paths through a pine forest, which makes it somewhat challenging in some of the steeper parts. In the start , you’ll get lots of altitude, but then the trail flattens out mid-hike and you are rewarded with a few stunning lookouts of the surrounding hills and lakes. In the summit, it opens to reveal a vast panoramic view of the New Hampshire range of the White Mountains, which makes each one of the effort well worthwhile. If you are trekking on a hot afternoon, bring a lot of water, food, sun protection and bug spray.

It’s a really exposed and bright trail, so bring a lot of sunscreen a hat or bandana to remain covered. Maintain yourself fueled with water and snacks to enjoy in the very top. The blazes are not clearly marked on the way down, so stay awake and aware of your environment. On the driveway, stop Lone Pine Brewing’s next place in Gorham to appreciate a cold one before heading back to Portland.

Our tips for post-hike foot rehab

Harraseeket and White Pines Loop, Wolfe’s Neck Woods State Park

  • Length: 2 miles
  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Length Gain: 173 ft
  • Fee: $4 to Maine taxpayers; $6 for non-Maine taxpayers
  • Dog-Friendly: Yes, needs to be kept on a leash