Velemir is in the early stages of turning into a business enterprise. He also ’s introduced some of his designs on trek-lite and Instagram. While I desired X-Pac in black, he’so created them in other materials and colours, many of which look really wise. Instead, he even also ’s playing about with design variations also, experimenting with a mesh pocket on front and looking at incorporating an internal organisation sleeve.
It’s slightly bigger than the typical hip belt pocket, large enough to receive a good amount of things in, but little enough that you’re not tempted to overload it. Sometimes simplicity is best. I found it ideal for what I wanted. Not only was it amazing if out on the road, but it was actually helpful for travelling also.
Anyway, I spotted on the trek-lite forum which (in )slovhike (Velimir) had been making some neat waist packs and requested him to produce one for me personally. It arrived. I given VX21 substance because it’s watertight and rigid enough to offer some construction. Other options were available. It’s a very straightforward layout using a water resistant zip onto the top along with a key clip inside. The webbing belt has been more than I wanted, so I trimmed it. Additionally, I added a zip pull. Dimensions are roughly 20cm x 10cm x 6cm plus it weighs 34g.
Disclosure: I bought this waist pack with my money. I have no business or financial connection with Alpineliteworks.

This tiny beauty came before I left for Scotland. I’ve been on the lookout for a small belt pack for ages to enhance my Lightwave Ultrahike as it does not have any hip belt pockets and the split cool belt makes it feasible to fit any. While I can get by with hip belt pockets, it’s fine to get something to save several snacks, a compass or phone (not jointly, unless you wish to wreck your compass!) I’ve attempted a few running waist packs however they are often too large and also don ’t feel comfortable. Many waist packs aren’t suitable due to the buckle posture, which will be best if it’s at the side, so it doesn’t dig into your back when it’therefore reversed.
Velimir is working on obtaining a web page up and running. You may view more of his work on Instagram (in )alpineliteworks.