I thought readers might be interested in this innovative tent that is presently on offer. The more I looked in this, the more I liked the layout, although I was somewhat sceptical at first. I believe this may function better since the flysheet goes to the floor all the way around, unlike tents with mesh inners, although I ’ m not a wonderful fan of net inners. It utilizes rather than silnylon for the flysheet, which should obviate the flysheet when wet extending, and it is a bit of an aggravation with mids which use silnylon’s standard issue. I enjoy the headroom and vents also. Although I don ’ t need another tent, it will seem great, so I put down my name for one. There are plans to get a two individual version which could come to fruition next year and also a version with a good inner. The only disadvantage with Massdrop is the fact that it won’t be delivered until May next year. Should you’re curious, here’s a hyperlink on the Massdrop page: https://www.massdrop.com/buy/massdrop-x-dan-durston-x-mid-1p-tent