A simple way to have a friend join you without a great deal of stress is having them  hike using you for a day and then have them hike back out to the trailhead the next morning. This is a terrific strategy for friends/family who work full-time and may only have a weekend to visit you. You might in fact wind up learning even more regarding the area you’re hiking if your buddy is near the region – that was the case for me if my friend, Abby, joined me on the street. As a Washington-native she understood a whole lot about the region we were trekking and it was refreshing to have her join for a single night on the street.

If you’re planning on hiking the Pacific Crest Trail, then you also ’re probably overwhelmed by simplifying your Pacific Crest Trail gear list & planning your Pacific Crest Trail resupply plan . You might have family and friends asking how they could visit you while you’re trekking or how to best help you. Trust meyou’re likely to get moments which you’re “home-sick” for your family and friends so planning opportunities to view them or even better, have them join you to go through the trail themselves can be fun.

Utilize Pacific Crest Trail Facebook Groups & Other Hikers around the Trail

When you have friends flying to visit you invite them to utilize Southwest that has a flexible plan on flight changes, even last minute ones. In our listing of 20 Greatest Places about the Pacific Crest Trail to fulfill thru-hikers we supply details on local airports.

Be Realistic on Distance

A huge headline about the Pacific Crest Trail is “hike your own pace ”…it’s ’so okay to have off the trail for life’s most important parties and responsibilities. If you wish an authentic Pacific Crest Trail thru-hike just make certain to eliminate & put back at the same mile.

  • I have to carry everything you send me so please think about strength and weight.
  • I can purchase common things in city so sending homemade treats or unique things I can’t find in the supermarket is preferred

These are also excellent airports to remember if you’ve got a family wedding or family reunion to grab through your thru-hike.

If it does not function to organize meeting up on the Pacific Crest Trail as you’re hiking, remind your friends and family that they can always send you some”surprise” resupply package if they’d still like to contribute to your trip in a different way. I chose out 6 locations on the road where friends/family can send me packages and informed them I’d be there 1 week earlier than I really anticipated I’d (only to give their packages plenty of time to arrive). These packages were a few of the highlights of my city stops.

  • San Diego (SAN)
  • Los Angeles (LAX) or Burbank (BUR) or Ontario (ONT)
  • Reno (RNO)
  • Sacramento (SMF)
  • Portland (PDX)
  • Seattle/Tacoma (SEA)

I gave the following simple reminders to my friends and family:

Help Them Prepare

Strategy a Zero Day

The post Tips for Visiting Thru-Hiking Friends about the Pacific Crest Trail appeared on Bearfoot Theory.

In this blog article, Kim shares her advice on the finest Pacific Crest Trail meetup points and how to connect with family and friends during your thru-hike.

Use Southwest’s Flexible Policy

The top things I obtained in bundles were: handwritten notes of inspiration, humorous cards that were private, a replica of a chapter of my favorite book, homemade banana bread, small cartons of boxed wine, humorous unique decorations to tie to my package, etc..

You know your buddies best AND you understand the road so be realistic in discussing what may be difficult to them. Will they experience snakes? Bugs? Water crossings? High elevations? Be realistic in speaking together about what they may encounter in the section they are joining you .
Share your queries in the comments below and then we ’ll make certain to answer.

In case you have some meetup tales you’d love to share we’d want to hear those at the remarks under too!

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Southwest flies into the next airports near the trail:

Establish Expectations Around Town Time

Think about whoever is planning to connect you and give them advice that will help them prepare. Maybe they have to get the right backpacking equipment should they’re joining you on the road for a few days, or perhaps you’ll wish to invite them to get out for a few training hikes in which they can practice carrying their loaded packs.
If you’ve got a large family or a significant number of friends who wish to visit you on the trail it might be a great idea to think about taking a zero-day to catch them up. Trust me, a number of your fellow hiking buddies might be nostalgic and they might jump onto the bandwagon and join in.
Kim Vawter, Bearfoot Theory’s Community Manager, coordinated with over 10 friends and relatives meet her throughout her Pacific Crest Trail thru-hike plus also a majority of them handled a few PCT mileage themselves. Some flew throughout the country to hike with her, along with many others drove less than 30 minutes to watch her. Some were seasoned backpackers and hikers, while some were out to get their first nights in the wilderness. For Kim, sharing the trail with those she loves made the experience of thru-hiking the Pacific Crest Trail even more meaningful to her.

If you’re a thru-hiker, then “city ” signifies resupplying, equipment fixes, laundry, and bending perpendicular onto a fluffy resort mattress with a number of showers between all those activities. It’so tough to play with tourist while you’re in city so place expectations with any visitors. Be truthful with all those assembly you or plan an additional zero-day in your itinerary for a tourist.
When my dad joined me for 9 days of trekking, we had intended to meet around precisely the exact identical place (Lake Tahoe) a fellow thru-hiking buddy was also fulfilling someone. We immediately connected his friend with my daddy and voila! Just like my father had a ride in the Reno airport right to the trail. We were concerned about using a cab service and there was no public transportation options to the place we were meeting so that this was great. You may even post in a few of the trail angel groups or inquire around for support, you never know what may work out and it never hurts to ask.

If your family or friends are connecting you for some backpacking, return to your first few days on the road. They aren’t going to be in a position to perform 30+ mile their package may not fit as perfectly as yours (prepare for whining ) and they are going to need additional breaks. You need them to appreciate the trail so be considerate of the needs and lower your everyday mileage.

My parents got a house in Cascade Locks about the Oregon/Washington border, (where the Bridge of the Gods is) and my cousins drove down from Seattle. We spent a whole 24 hours BBQ’ing and eating ice cream with every meal – it was fabulous. My cousins even brought an inflatable mattress and gave me and my hiking buddies the beds–it’s the little things you miss the most on the road, like a bed with a fluffy comforter…and ice cream, constantly ice cream.
Don’t be hesitant to be honest with them on what it can take to prepare. My dad spent months walking over our lifetimes in Indiana along using his back pack fully filled. After he met me on the road he had been confident that his bunch match and wasn’t worried about that aspect whatsoever that helped us hit our mileage target daily without any complaints. Another friend possessed a bunch in Los Angeles from a reputable outfitter but sadly she didn’t even have a lot of time to check the package and ended up having a lot of sore spots after being on the street for 3 times.
You’re moving at roughly 3 miles/hour. If they can’t be flexible when to meet you personally or the place, then meeting on the trail is not a good idea. You can’t when you’re going to twist the ankle and also will need to take a rest day or in the event you’ll get Giardia and need to have a couple of days off to recuperate and re-hydrate, postponing your meet-up date. To decrease stress, ensure that your buddies understand they need to be flexible about the location and/or the meet-up date ahead of preparation time together.